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This group also has the best plastic tubs of various sizes for organizing small supplies or holding liquids. These containers are great for dye baths, mixing paper maché paste, containing a splatter painting station, and more.

Obviously, you want these supplies ONLY if they have NEVER been used, or even entered an exam room. Whether it is a wire sculpture or paper maché, nothing prepares three-dimensional artwork for presentation quite like a base. Sure, cardboard bases work fine in a pinch, but wooden bases add a level of legitimacy and beauty all students seem to love.

So where do you get free wood? If you can find a local cabinet maker, lumber supplier, carpenter, or construction person, inquire about what they do with their wood scraps. Chances are they are routinely pitching scrap wood in small sizes and shapes into a dumpster.

Offer to bring a large box to their place of business, and have your students decorate the outside with pictures and requests for scraps. With a little luck, you will be able to arrange a semi-regular pick-up schedule, loading your vehicle with free sculpture wood for your students. The manager of your local recycling plant is definitely the holy grail of who to know when it comes to supply donation.

This person is routinely contacted to recycle odd items for the business community. We receive lots of donations and we try to sell what we can to generate an income, with any surplus being made available for free to community groups and care homes etc. It is now generally accepted that creativity is good for wellbeing and mental health, and yet many places are not allocated a budget for supplies, so we support where we can.

We supplied free quality art paper from Pink Pig and various drawing materials for family activities taking place in The Ridings Shopping Centre in Wakefield. Their forward-thinking approach sees empty retail units being used as community spaces dedicated to events for local people, in this case it was family arts and crafts workshops run by Wakefield Council.

Pink Pig are a local sketchbook manufacturer who have supported us a lot by sending us their offcuts, and the art supplies were donated by individuals so that we are able to support groups and events like this, bringing some colour to families!

We were able to supply 4 boxes of donated embroidery threads to a cross stitch group based at a community centre in Wakefield. Over time we also donated odd bits of aida fabric, more threads and patterns, plus members of the group were able to purchase further low-cost supplies for themselves in our community shop.

Thanks to crafters donating their unwanted supplies to us, we were able to supply free card making supplies to Managing Dyslexia, a community group based at Sandal library in Wakefield. They were an existing support group who felt they wanted to add crafting into their activities for the mental health benefits it brings.

They don't stop there though, the group then fundraise with the handmade cards they have been able to make - we were thrilled to spot the fruits of their labour on display at a wellbeing event! We were able to supply a free Cuttlebug die-cutting machine to an established craft group based at a community centre.

The group has fantastic attendance and has existed for a few years, so we were more than happy to pass on a donated Cuttlebug along with unwanted magazine freebie dies to get them started. If they find an entire Cuttlebug on eBay for a better price than buying the plates alone, they can just return the one we gave them and we can put it back into our stock, but they can still benefit from our free magazine dies and of course our reduced cost dies, from donations.

It's all good. Our aim is to make creativity accessible for all but especially for those on a budget. We were at a wellbeing event at St Swithun's Community Centre promoting creativity as a means to positive mental health and wellbeing.

We were going to promote our new Creative Hub and shop, but we decided against running a stall to buy cheap craft supplies and took lots of freebies instead! We had some lightly used supplies piling up in boxes that needed further sorting, which would take time, so we just took those along.

Brilliant change of plan, because even though we didn't raise any funds, the experience was priceless: lots of excited kids and adults rummaging about in stuff that we couldn't put out in the shop but which they thought were great!

So, as well as helping us clear down some stock and gain some space, it turns out kids are really good at sorting through boxes of wool, card, paper, toppers and gems for pure enjoyment! Some of the kids were rather resourceful: after a lot of commotion and excitement at what they were finding, suddenly they disappeared only to return with some free tote bags being given out free at another stall, meaning they could now carry all their free goodies!

Best of all, they came up with creative ideas on the spot - it seems kids love mirri card it has a surface you can see your reflection in Our rummage box had some die cut frames and mirri silver circles As it was almost Mother's Day, they then rummaged for alphabet stickers for their names or 'Mum'.

They loved it, we loved it and it was all made possible because people had sent in lightly used but unwanted papercraft supplies. Unwanted magazine freebies were a hit too - especially the books of papers you sometimes get with magazines, and the mini card kits.

Crafters send them to us because they subscribe to craft magazines but don't always like or need the freebies that come with them - however they are brilliant for us because they are in wrappers and are therefore 'new' packs we can give out for free.

At first the kids would take a single piece or two, but we could say take a handful! They couldn't believe it. How does a child flourish in their creativity if they don't have access to paper to be able to practice and perfect?

Some of our printable craft supplies and donated magazine freebies were given out to the public at a mental health event held at St Catherine's church, Wakefield. The event was put on by the Richmond Fellowship for local people to see the types of support and activities available to them.

We approached it from a 'self care' point of view since engaging in creative activities can help your wellbeing. We had various easy card making printables available so that people could take them away and get creative when they got home. Kids art and craft supplies were given to a group of vulnerable children and young people attending a summer group over 5 weeks.

Join our roster of volunteers rangingfrom corporate groups and retirees to college students and nonprofit community organizations in making a difference inour warehouse and across New York City.

Thanks to donationsfrom businesses and individuals — like you — MFTA is helping those in need while contributing to a cleaner, greener world. From our warehouse to all five boroughs, we connect and inspire local students and teachers, artists and non-profits, with free materials to imagine a more creative and sustainable future.


Missing 1. Freebies. org. The website collects free products from different branded companies, and it is sure to find some art or crafts supplies on it Art Bins at local craft stores isn't always a guarantee but you can find free fabric scraps, paper, and damaged accoutement. · 2. ·


I ORDERED 9 FREE ARTS \u0026 CRAFT SUPPLIES FROM WISH Cash or Trash? Kids art and craft communitj were given Request for Price List Form a Free art supplies for community projects of vulnerable Xupplies and young people attending a summer group over 5 weeks. Third Thursday Programming Explore all the xrt has to offer while engaging in art-making workshops, art talks, gallery openings, and more. Craft bundle for a Community Centre. com Social Media: Xpressive. Unwanted magazine freebies were a hit too - especially the books of papers you sometimes get with magazines, and the mini card kits. We are a safe space for people with disabilities and special needs. Free printables and magazine freebies for the public at a mental health event.

Free art supplies for community projects - Trying to save money on your arts and crafts supplies? Here are five tried and tested ways to get free art supplies for your classes, projects, and hobbies Missing 1. Freebies. org. The website collects free products from different branded companies, and it is sure to find some art or crafts supplies on it Art Bins at local craft stores isn't always a guarantee but you can find free fabric scraps, paper, and damaged accoutement. · 2. ·

Call for free art classes, teacher supplies or donate, Ephrata. Signed in as:. filler godaddy. Sign out. Celebrating 12 years in Ephrata, February AoR supports our community with free crafting anytime we are open. Our Undersea Crafting area is open 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday, on Saturday.

Free art classes for people of all ages, every Thursday at 10am in the Undersea Room. AoR offers free resources with a membership to teachers, educators, youth groups, clubs and after school programs, churches, senior centers, home school co-ops, theaters, libraries and other non-profit organizations who are assisting seniors, individuals with special needs, and youth with receiving educational and art activities.

AoR offers free reading books, educational resources, and free activities to families and the general public. AoR has a thrift store that is open to the public. We sell arts and crafts supplies, sewing supplies, wood crafts, books and music, decor, and holiday items at affordable prices.

Our thrift store is a fundraising tool that helps to cover the cost and expenses of the programs that we offer to the public. AoR offers volunteer and job opportunities to youth and individuals with special needs. We are a safe space for people with disabilities and special needs. We are LGBTQ friendly and accepting.

We are welcoming to people of all backgrounds. Nosotros hablamos Espanol. Our main facility is open to the general public. Our free resource center is only open to members.

We are not a wholesale company and we do not sell merchandise to resellers. Art of Recycle Ephrata offers a unique summer opportunity for children 12 and up. Spend your summer at AoR learning how to help your community, how to work in a team environment, and learn job skills.

Volunteering could earn you a job or a job reference. There are countless opportunities for you to assist your community with.

To develop, heal and grow community through experiential learning and interactive instruction for the advancement of diverse learners. We aim to promote access and equality by assisting all people to be inspired and empowered by using discarded, unwanted, and excess items as learning tools; creating generations to come to be more environmentally and socially conscious.

Our philosophy is that art and music is the foundation to teaching math, science, reading, writing and sociology. Creativity belongs in the same category as preventive healthcare, diet and exercise, and people who are robbed of the ability to create art because of economic hardship live a life of the poorest quality.

How can you help Art of Recycle raise more funds to keep our programs active? Art of Recycle is a community educational center. Our services are important in teaching people skills to help them achieve. Check out our member based teacher supplies center. Become a volunteer and work with our team to help generate the donations to get free teaching resources to qualified teachers, homeschool co-ops, libraries, churches, non-profits and educational programs.

We are one of the best charities to donate to, our community educational center provides a half million dollars in free teacher supplies and free activities to schools and non-profits per year.

We need people like you to help create and host activities for the youth in our communities. Our S. Center hosts amazing workshops for adults and children. If you are a teacher or nonprofit, check out our free teacher supplies.

If you are interested in volunteering or employment at Art of Recycle, contact us for an interview. Call Art of Recycle Ephrata to reserve your date for a field trip or a birthday party. Art of Recycle has some of the best educational art programs available to the public for reasonable, low-cost prices.

With our teacher supplies center, we are one of the best charities to donate to. Nothing happens at Art of Recycle without the effort of volunteers and staff. Our community educational center in Ephrata is an amazing wonderland of art. A sand castle crafting table, a pirate ship puppet stage and a steampunk S.

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Back Creative Corps Project Free Art Supply Closet Overview Free Art Supply Closet Book Free Art Supply Closet Appointment Free Art Cart Pilot Program Free Art Cart Participant Form Holiday Art Supply Drive Back Free Art Supply Network Info California Art Supply Mutual Aid Training Program Join the Free Art Supply Network.

Back Volunteer Free Ways to Help Patreon Donate Partner With Us. L Free Utensils for Expressive Living. ca Social Media: truckcontemporaryart on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok Website: truck.

Pop-Up Events Contact Person: Tia McCurdy Email: artandcraftyyc gmail. com Social Media: art. Art The Community. com Social Media: artthecommunity on Instagram. Third Space: Free Art Pantry. Address: 17 Arboretum Drive Davis, CA Hours: TBA Contact Person: Sedona Patterson Email: sedona thirdspacedavis.

org Social Media: thirdspacedavis on Instagram, Third Space Art Collective on Facebook Website: thirdspacedavis. org Graduate of the California Art Supply Mutual Aid Training Program design Social Media: adaept. Zine Fest Free Art Supply Closet. com Social Media: lazinefest on Instagram Website: www.

com Graduate of the California Art Supply Mutual Aid Training Program Griffin Dyeworks. Address: Inglewood Instagram: griffindyeworks Email: www. com More Info: Redistributing textile art supplies, such as yarn, spindles, spinning wheels, looms, embroidery, quilting and more!

Mutual Aid LA Open Art Supply. Address: Various Locations in Los Angeles Contact Person: Nicole Plescia Email: info mutualaidla.

org Social Media: mutualaidla on Instagram Website: www. org if you would like to help collect or distribute supplies Graduate of the California Art Supply Mutual Aid Training Program Xpressive Supplies. Address: Pop-up Events Contact Person: Josie Anaya Email: Xpressions.

com Social Media: Xpressive. Free Oakland UP. us More Info: Free Oakland UP is a weekly Outdoor FREE Market every Sunday from Free Art Supply Closet. Cutting Ball Commons Creativity Closet.

Art Pocket SJ. Location: Pop-ups — check out our Instagram for upcoming events Email: artpocketsj gmail. Makers Closet. com Social Media: sjmakers and makerscloset on Instagram Graduate of the California Art Supply Mutual Aid Training Program.

Corazón del Pueblo. Main St Suite M, Santa Maria, Ca Santa Barbra County Hours: 2pm-8pm Email: evelyn corazondelpueblo. org More Info: This art supply closet is open to everyone in the community of all ages and ethnicities!

Art MART at Truckee Artist Lofts. Address: Located inside the community art room at TAL at Donner Pass Rd Truckee, CA Hours: Public Swap Hours TBD Email: talartcommittee gmail. com Social Media: artmarttal on Instagram More Info: Please reach out via email with inquiries and follow on Instagram for updates on swap events.

NMLM Art Closet. com Social Media: novismortemcollective on Instagram. FREE HART Closet. com Social Media: freehartcloset on Instagram Website: freehart.

Orlando Community Art Supply. supply gmail. Swap Up Pop Up. Community Art Supplies Exchange. art More Info: I host quarterly swaps at libraries and community spaces for everyone in the community.

Goodwin Art Supply Company. Paducah, KY Hours: TBA Contact Person: Sarah Watson Email: hello goodwinartsupplycompany. com Social Media: goodwinartsupplyco on Instagram More Information: Currently getting established in Paducah, KY - goal is to serve the Western Kentuckyarea.

Horton Art Library. Reno Community Art Closet. com Social Media: renocommunityartcloset. QNS Collaborative. Community Art Pantry. com Social Media: communityartpantry on Instagram.

Murals at Mason: Free Art Supply Cabinet. edu Social Media: muralsatmason on Instagram Website: Go. Seattle Public Art Collective. Horizontal mutual aid network at pop-up locations Hours: Sundays noon Email: pacsea22 gmail. com Social Media: seattle.

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