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Real-life community website examples:. Generation She focuses on creating a community of exceptional female talent that can build and lead the next generation of billion-dollar companies. Its online community offers access to career opportunities, events and mentorship. These community website templates will come in handy as you learn how to build an online community.

There are few things as invigorating as starting your own business. Creating a startup website can enable you to share that energy and introduce your game-changing idea to the world.

Startup websites may include landing pages, product demos and reviews. At first they might also include a crowdfunding page, or other funding resources. Real-life startup website example:. Ception offers construction and mining companies an AI-powered solution to increase the safety, productivity and sustainability of mobile-machinery operations.

Mananalu captures attention with an enticing proposition: for every aluminum bottle package purchased, the company partners with a nonprofit to offset significant amounts of plastic waste.

Learn more: How to make a construction website. Do you have a unique expertise you think others could benefit from? A consulting website will help you monetize it. Your website should include a list of services offered, details about your background and an explanation of who would benefit from your services.

Real-life consulting website example:. Mikaela Reuben is a culinary nutrition consultant who offers meal plans, recipes and private chef bookings. Her website includes photos, videos, testimonials and a free recipe ebook that can help her capture potential leads.

See other examples of consulting websites and use these consulting website templates to build your own. Learn how to make a consulting website. A booking website helps you get right down to business. It allows users to sign up for classes, accommodations or services online. Booking websites let customers choose their preferred date, time and cost.

They also include recommendations, reviews and contact information. Real-life booking website example:. Nutritionist Diana Javanovic uses her booking website, Nutri Me , to make it simple for clients to register for an initial consultation, follow-up visits, day detox diets and more.

This booking website template lets you add your services, reviews and contact information in a jiff. If you want to be a change-maker, a petition website can help you advocate for a cause that you hold most dear. You can use an online petition to drum up support for a political position, social justice cause or environmental issue.

Real-life petition website example:. Through strategic features—such as an informative FAQ page, a compelling media section and a meticulously organized homepage—the site actively encourages visitors to sign its petition.

School websites can also offer online teaching and information about businesses that teach things like music or foreign languages. An ideal school website design will serve as an online database for students, parents and faculty.

You can also incorporate educational technology and provide online lessons or assignments for students. Real-life school website example:. French Mornings offers engaging and authentic content to help people boost their confidence when speaking French. The bilingual website offers how-to videos, free ebooks and paid step-by-step courses.

Très bien! These school website templates let you add courses and resources for parents and students easily. Do you love gardening, reading or arts and crafts?

A hobby website can help you share your unique interests with like-minded people. Hobby websites often include online forums, learning materials and tutorials that introduce people to a particular pursuit and offer tips for how to improve their skills.

A popular hobby website can even turn a profit. Real-life hobby website example:. Liv White turned her passion for award-winning design into Dopple Press , a business dedicated to eco-friendly screen printing. Use this hobby website template to share your favorite activity with others.

Interactive websites use elements like graphics, games and quizzes to make users an active part of the web browsing experience. Some of the newest versions include augmented reality features.

For example, some eCommerce shops now provide tools for seeing what furniture would look like in your home. Real-life interactive website example:. Process is an interactive web experience that artist Nedavius built to showcase and support aspiring creatives.

Get inspired by this highly visual interactive website template. Entertainment websites are among the most highly visual and interactive types of websites, designed to evoke emotion and deliver high-quality digital experiences.

Real-life entertainment website examples:. Creating a wedding website helps your special day into an unforgettable experience.

Use it to share information with your guests, offer details about the festivities and post your registry. You can also include videos, photos and stories about your relationship and bridal party.

Real-life wedding website example:. Lexi and Robert use their wedding website to share their story, offer details for guests and make it simple for guests to RSVP. Spread the word about your nuptials with these wedding website templates.

A travel website helps vacationers plan their dream trips. They provide information on attractions, accommodations and adventures in a specific city or town.

They often include breathtaking photography and engaging videos that encourage visitors to book their trip. Real-life travel website example:. Zion Adventure Photog offers tips for people planning an adventure through Southern Utah. The travel website includes real-life stories and adventures to showcase the amazing experiences that the region has to offer.

Use these travel website templates to create an irresistible online tourist destination today. Think of a directory website as an informational website on steroids.

It provides users with comprehensive and organized lists of resources about a specific topic or industry. Examples include real estate listings, job directories or local directories.

Real-life directory website example:. The site includes a vast collection of events, meetings and support resources to help people celebrate sobriety and each other. Launch your site today with this directory website template. Movement is known to increase engagement but moving elements are also, naturally, slightly harder to code.

This example shows how your website can imitate the results of complex moving elements while keeping things straight-forward to design and easy to implement. Several key ingredients define simple web designs.

Just like with the web design examples shown above, it can be seen as an additional layer of creativity. Creating a straightforward design frees your visitors from unnecessary distracting elements, that other websites might include. This is key for marketing and creating a trustworthy image.

Information is clear and transparent, which is especially important if you want to attract more business clients. If you want to invite users to learn more about you, you can include an easy to navigate menu, and email contact form, or links to your social media.

From a technical standpoint, uncomplicated websites load faster and are easier to navigate — creating a better user experience.

Website speed directly affects SEO marketing too, and that is an important factor if you want your online business to flourish. Need help building your website? Download your essential guide to building a modern, professional website with Zyro.

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Email address. Submit comment. HTML is almost always used in conjunction with two other front-end languages, CSS and JavaScript.

CSS Cascading Style Sheets is a rules language which controls the styling of a web page, including colors, fonts, and layouts. JavaScript is a programming language that enables more complex features like interactive elements and animations.

The latest version of HTML is HTML5. Released in , HTML5 notably contained several improvements to handle multimedia content like audio and video, as well as semantically rich elements to describe page structure. If you want to know more about HTML and how to write it, start with our Ultimate Guide to HTML.

Every website is written in HTML, regardless of the complexity of the site or the number of technologies involved. You can take any page and lift up the hood to see the HTML code, as well as the CSS and JavaScript code, that make it come to life. Even a relatively simple HTML website can teach you many of its intricacies and capabilities, and provides you with a solid foundation before you move on to more advanced projects.

To get started creating your first HTML site, we recommend following this excellent tutorial from freeCodeCamp:. As you grow more comfortable with HTML basics, you can begin to branch out to bolder, more unique design choices.

But still, even elaborate websites can often be boiled down to a handful of HTML features working together to make a cohesive experience. What we like: Gloutir is a design and development studio based out of Houston, Texas that features a vibrant, immaculately crafted website.

The designers are clearly flexing their chops here with impressive attention to detail and a near perfect balance of style and content. At first glance, this site may look technically complex.

However, most of the effects can be done with plain HTML and CSS. Check out our guide to inspect element to learn how.

What we like: Canvas is an HTML5 element that lets you draw graphics with JavaScript, opening a huge range of possibilities for static and animated graphics. This sampler website is a great introduction into some cool interactive effects you can achieve with HTML canvas, like dragging elements that snap back into place, or guiding the movement of an element by drawing with your mouse.

What we like: Our next example is itself a showcase of design, the website for the Melba Design Festival. Try hovering your mouse around each jar and notice how they respond to the movement, as if floating in liquid.

This use of the canvas element is essentially a version of what we saw in Canvas Study, applied in a clever way. Learn the basic definitions, differences, and codes to know for your website.

What we like: Project Lima is an inclusive design initiative that launched its Understanding Neurodiversity project to educate the public about neurodivergent individuals, how they operate in society, and some common myths associated with these individuals. If you have the time, I recommend giving this experience a full watch.

Each screen transitions smoothly to the next with animated graphics. As far as online storytelling goes, this is as good as it gets. What we like: The HTML5 video element was another major step in making HTML more robust, with the goal of becoming the standard for playing video on web pages.

Today, many websites employ this element for autoplaying videos, fullscreen videos, and video backgrounds. Take this great example from Intelligent Video Solutions — its homepage meets you with a full-width video background and overlays text, graphics, and a gradient to smoothly transition you down the page.

If you want to achieve a similar effect on your site, the HTML5 video element is the best way to go.

The 20 Best Simple Website Examples · 1. Ollivere · 2. Ink · 3. The Shine App · 4. Nate Smith · 5. Cocokind · 6. Motto simple website examples These business website templates are well-equipped to bring your company to life online. Type of website: Business website. Blog website Whether you're new to web development or you're experienced, it can be helpful to know or remind yourself, of the different types of websites to build


Michelle Obama is trending and you won't believe why Share on. Personal Sample websites online of Chungi Yoo. HONEY SPA. Onlone Online Store And Courses. The Shine App's website opens with an image, a brief copy, and an acknowledgment of an award the company has won.

Sample websites online - 15 small business web design examples · 1. The People vs. Coffee · 2. Surftwins Essaouira · 3. Bones Co. · 4. RISE Athlete · 5. Standard Bots The 20 Best Simple Website Examples · 1. Ollivere · 2. Ink · 3. The Shine App · 4. Nate Smith · 5. Cocokind · 6. Motto simple website examples These business website templates are well-equipped to bring your company to life online. Type of website: Business website. Blog website Whether you're new to web development or you're experienced, it can be helpful to know or remind yourself, of the different types of websites to build

ASOS is an online fashion and cosmetics retailer. The trust badges on their checkout page also reassure users that their financial information is secure. Pro tip : use Hotjar Session Recordings to watch users as they interact with your checkout page.

Learn from the best of the best. They also use visual storytelling to explain how their tools work in the real world—turning complex tools AI and their product vision into an easily understandable experience for users. To emulate their design, get creative: think of your site as an immersive experience and look for ways to create user delight through images, audio, and moving graphics.

Hyer makes a strong impression on website visitors with a striking illustration that slowly moves across the screen as you scroll. Hyer compels users to learn more about their brand without being too vague, which prompts customers to look around and initiate their journeys.

The site features a simple, but effective tagline, two clear CTAs, and an easily accessible navigation bar, helping users intuitively find their way around the site. Hyer is a good example of web design based around a central image or focal point.

Use engaging, minimal design to let site visitors discover your brand in their own flow. Superlist is a task and project management app that changes the way teams work and collaborate. Once you scroll, unique animations, bright colors, and changing shapes engage users as they get to know the product.

Superlist also includes playful, dynamic icons that communicate their brand identity—their loading icon is a thunderbolt filling up with a charge. Focus on creating a seamless scrolling experience, and add dynamic, interactive elements with clear labels and icons.

Here are some other places you can look to get inspired with web designs that will create an engaging experience for your users:. Behance : search for web design examples or check out their interaction design category. Dribbble : search for web design examples or interaction design.

Awwwards : look at winners to find sites and elements you like and want to emulate. Your users: your users should be your most important source of inspiration. User-centered web design lets you connect deeply with your audience, inspire brand awareness, and give users a consistent experience they can look forward to.

Web design refers to the design of a website, including its navigation menus, layout, elements, and branding. Hotjar Logo. Contact Sales. Sign in. Get started free. Airbnb Airbnb is a popular short-term vacation rental company with hosts and properties all over the world.

Dropbox Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. Hotjar Heatmaps tools Source: Hotjar. The best responsive website designs Responsive websites give users a streamlined, consistent, and adaptable experience across various devices and screens—whether it be on a mobile phone, desktop, or tablet.

Shopify Shopify is a global ecommerce platform that helps users easily set up online stores. Slack Slack is a workplace-based messaging platform. WIRED WIRED is an American magazine focused on the impact of emerging technology.

The best checkout page designs A well-designed checkout page helps users complete their order, enter their information, and select options like 'shipping method' without any friction. Walmart Walmart is a multinational retailer that operates a chain of hypermarkets.

Nike Nike is a world-renowned sportswear company, with an ecommerce website that showcases several different products. An example of a Hotjar Session Recording. Award-winning website designs Learn from the best of the best.

Inspired web design inspires users User-centered web design lets you connect deeply with your audience, inspire brand awareness, and give users a consistent experience they can look forward to. FAQs about web design inspiration What is website design?

What are the benefits of strong web design? Some benefits of strong website design include: Improves user experience UX on your website Simplifies adding more website functionalities in the future Establishes consistent brand identity Improves search rankings and SEO Boosts ROI Helps keep up with competitors Conveys your product and website goals Increases conversions.

How much does web design cost? Web design best practices Previous chapter. Web design mistakes Next chapter. On this page. Many small business owners start by publicizing their products and services through small social media campaigns or through a link in their Instagram bio.

But when it comes to setting up a website, they often call in extra help to make it happen. For most web designers, working with small business owners is incredibly rewarding. It can be a chance to exercise creative freedom, help a brand grow, and even develop new style guides and design systems.

A dedicated website gives small businesses an online home and serves as an important hub for marketing efforts. The benefits of a website include:. Small business web design is rewarding and a lot of fun.

The People vs. Coffee is a mobile pop-up cafe in Adelaide, Australia. Shaun has made this page available to clone for free in Webflow, so you can use it as a starting point for any one-page small business site. Essaouira-based Moroccan Surftwins Mouhssin and Yassin offer surf lessons and holidays to international visitors.

Designed by Marta Kawecka , their website shows how thoughtful attention to visuals can take a site to the next level. Husband-and-wife design team Bones Co. One of the best ways of marketing a service is by highlighting the people that make the business tick.

That means about us pages are key. But Bones Co. takes theirs to the next level by talking about their clients and themselves. The RISE Athlete website — a fitness site designed by Catch Digital Inc.

But clever use of negative space and typological choices favoring readability balances the page instead of cluttering it. Paired CTA buttons throughout the website target visitors at different sales funnel stages: The white ones are for people with intent to purchase, while the dark ones are for those still in the discovery and evaluation stages.

The Standard Bots website is a fantastic example of what professional photography can do for a small business page.

The dark orange CTAs match the thin copper-colored bands on the robot, which means the CTAs harmonize with the images while drawing attention through their contrast with the grayscale color scheme. This site includes a table comparing the Standard Bots product to its closest competitors.

This kind of table is an excellent idea for pricier products, especially new ones competing with more well-known alternatives. The Standard Bots site explored above uses high-quality photos to sell their product, and you can do the same to market a service.

In this minimalist website for overland motoring adventure business Nomadic Road , designer Guillaume Brunon combines long shots of the offroad vehicles taken from the air and close-up pictures of desert tire changes and sand traps. New Zealand accounting firm Bring on Monday differentiates itself from other accounting firms by focusing on the human side of accounting.

Learn how to design, build, and publish a unique and professional website for your business in no time. One part of a strong SEO strategy is using keywords to show search engines what the site is about, and maintaining a regularly updated blog helps you do just that.

This is an excellent space-saving idea for small businesses that offer a lot of services. Design and marketing firm Teel Group welcomes visitors to West Texas and Terlingua Real Estate with a loading animation of a Lone Star and then a full-page background video showing an aerial view of rural West Texas.

This opening evokes the vast feeling of the local landscape — which is especially effective for a real estate firm specializing in selling rural lots. Sustainable clothing online store Good Garms offers a range of browsing options on its user-friendly ecommerce website.

Potential customers can search by category, brand, material, gender, or sustainability type fair-trade, organic, or recycled , giving them granular control over their shopping experience. The product pages include comprehensive information about each clothing item, including the fabric type, place of production, and reviews from other customers.

Most small businesses have a lot of personality. While legibility should always be the priority in body text, feel free to experiment in headings with distinctive display fonts. For example, consider using an all-caps , handwriting , or graffiti font to represent an important theme, evoke a key era, or express the brand identity.

Janis uses a contrasting font pair to give the site a classy retro look while prioritizing readability by combining Abril Fatface , a distinctive font inspired by 19th-century Europe, with the highly legible sans-serif Montserrat.

Fergus combines a ridged black background texture with the Pantograph font to create a digital version of an old-fashioned menu board. This adds a fun, nostalgic element to the site that builds an emotional connection with visitors.

The homepage showcases the experience customers are curious about with a background image of a smiling person inside the cryogenic therapy chamber. The two CTAs are large and shown in contrasting colors, attracting attention. Sasha allows site visitors to scrutinize the tiny details on key pieces of work through animations that show the piece revolving slowly against a black background.

Small business websites capture the unique personality of their business while usually following a fairly standard structure: landing page, about us page, product or service details, and contact details. Webflow can streamline the whole process and help you create a beautiful website without coding.

Build completely custom, production-ready websites — or ultra-high-fidelity prototypes — without writing a line of code.

Only with Webflow. Get the best, coolest, and latest in design and no-code delivered to your inbox each week. The best web designs for hair salons take a standard small business site and give it a glow-up. Here are 10 examples of great salon website design.

Modern UI design is essential to keep websites relevant. Stay on top of the latest design trends with these five examples of stellar UI design. As a designer, you need a site to showcase your best work and land clients. Here are 10 portfolio examples for design inspiration.

The testimonials on a website show prospective customers the business is trustworthy. These 9 examples harness customer satisfaction to build credibility.

A life coaching website serves as a hub to answer questions and promote your brand. Here are four inspiring examples of coaching websites. Try Webflow for as long as you like with our free Starter plan.

Purchase a paid Site plan to publish, host, and unlock additional features. Skip to main content Webflow. Contact Sales.

20 Simple Website Examples That Prove Anything is Possible

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