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CALGORY Miami. Details Free. Kosher Food with US certified Hashgacha 6 0 share. x Login Please login to access your account and browse on jewpon. Remember me. Forgot Password? Create a new account. x Contact Us Jewpon team will get to you with the answer as quickly as possible.

com Download YeahThatsKosherNearMe on Android devices Download YeahThatsKosherNearMe on iOS devices. Instagram Facebook Twitter. LOCATIONS: Africa South Africa Uganda Egypt Morocco South Africa Tunisia Uganda.

Azerbaijan Bahrain China India Japan Jordan Kuwait Nepal Oman Singapore South Korea Taiwan test Thailand United Arab Emirates. Hungary [TRAVEL GUIDE] Jewish and Kosher Budapest, Hungary January 1, Cell Phone Rental. Cash back on every store.

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Missing Over establishments currently offer a discount to Kosher Advantage members. The online directory lists the markets and restaurants, and the associate Browse among our categories for holy and kosher deals & coupons in Miami, FL. Find the best deals in furniture, entertainment, food and much more


How Much Does it Really Cost Eating Kosher for a Full Week as Orthodox Jews - Is It Really too much? Livonia Glatt Affordable dining deals. Free sample directory Diiscounts issued Disckunts total Kosher Box discount codes per Knoji's database. They'd Discountz to hear from you! Up to 80k points Apply. Surya Retreat. Pages Bid on Auctions Purchase Gift Certificates Buy Vouchers Find a Restaurant Book a Table Special Offers How it Works Become a Partner News.

Kosher Food Discounts - No information is available for this page Missing Over establishments currently offer a discount to Kosher Advantage members. The online directory lists the markets and restaurants, and the associate Browse among our categories for holy and kosher deals & coupons in Miami, FL. Find the best deals in furniture, entertainment, food and much more

On the eLuna home page, select "User Name and Password. Note that the system will only send you the user name and password for the email address that you enter.

So if you have changed email addresses since you registered and have not informed us, this will not work. For those who have kept their eLuna registration up to date: you will receive your user name and password by email.

Copy and paste the data from the email into the fields on the eLuna screen. The system should then identify you and you will be able to execute your transaction on our system.

When You Can Use the eLuna Discount Coupons The restaurants measure the effectiveness of our website by the number of coupons that they receive. Many people tell us that they use eLuna to help them find information but they don't present the coupons.

Others tell us that they often forget to bring their coupons to the restaurant. When you do this, you may be saving the restaurant a few shekels, but you are not helping eLuna! You are in effect using our service but not giving us the credit. If you don't present a coupon, please at least mention eLuna at the restaurant.

We only have the leverage at restaurants that value the strength of our community. The Discount coupons can be used when ordering from the ala carte menu of the restaurant. The discount coupons do not apply to: - discounted meals - business lunches - take away meals if they are already discounted from the ala carte menu.

Some restaurants honor the coupon for items from the take away menu if you pick them up at the restaurant. They do not honor the discount on deliveries. Some generous restaurants will honor the discount coupon on the above, but our mandate requires that restaurants only honor the coupon when ordering from the ala carte menu.

Some restaurants have asked us to require a minimum bill to use the eLuna coupon. They argue that their profit is so small on a low bill that they don't think it fair to have to give back even a few shekels. We have tried out hardest not to impose a minimum on your use of the coupon.

We suggest that if your discount adds up to under 5 shekels, you submit the coupon with the bill but you forfeit the discount. This is a very gentlemanly approach that will give you a lot of credit at your future visits to the restaurant.

Visiting eLuna Restaurants eLuna. com brings you the best of the kosher restaurants throughout Israel. Our goals are to inform you of the kosher restaurants available and to encourage kashrut by driving traffic to the kosher restaurants through the discount coupons.

The discounts on eLuna are not meant to put our restaurants and other kosher suppliers out of business. So let us try to avoid making unreasonable requests. Our restaurants should be glad to see eLuna customers and not dread eLuna coupon bearers.

To that end please observe the following guidelines when at the restaurants: - Only present the discount coupons for ala carte meals. Do not expect that the discount coupon will be accepted on the business lunch.

The business lunch is already discounted and it is not reasonable to expect the restaurant to discount it further. You cannot use the regular eLuna discount coupon to cover the difference between the value of the voucher and the bill.

The owner of the restaurant benefits from the added traffic that eLuna drives to the restaurant. The waiter does not necessarily benefit proportionally. A group of people going out together should need to present only one eLuna coupon to receive the discount for the entire table.

There are some restaurant owners who don't get it, and insist on a coupon for every couple. To avoid conflict, when you are a large group print out a few extra coupons just in case. It will avoid possible conflict later. If something goes wrong with the discount, don't spoil the fun by arguing with the restaurant.

When you argue with a restaurant about an eLuna coupon you are giving eLuna a bad name and running the risk of ruining it for other eLuna clients at this restaurant. Take the name of the person at the restaurant who is giving you a hard time and write us an email.

We will do our best to help straighten things out. com maintains excellent relations with the management of the restaurants on the site. If you feel that you have not been treated fairly at one of our restaurants, please send us an email and we will contact the restaurant and try to find a solution.

For example if there was an error and your discount voucher was not accepted at a restaurant, we can usually arrange a double discount at your next visit to the restaurant the discount that you did not get plus the current discount. This is the most reasonable compensation for this error.

There is no compensation for the inconvenience, there is no prize or freebie and there is no payment for whiplash. This helps us sort out the problem and avoid it in the future. All of the comments sent to us about experiences at restaurants are forwarded to the restaurant.

We do this as a service to help improve the quality of kosher restaurants. Please feel free to send us comments and suggestions that we will forward to the restaurant owners.

They are usually very grateful for constructive comments. General Guidelines for Eating Out at Restaurants The following are some general guidelines on how to make your visit to a restaurant more pleasurable.

This information applies to dining in all restaurants. Call in advance and reserve a table for your party. This is important even if you think that the restaurant will be empty or if your party is small. Reservations give the restaurant an idea of the expected traffic.

When they know what is coming they can prepare themselves and your experience will be much nicer. Also, if you call in advance you can avoid the disappointment of finding the restaurant closed for a private event or arriving before the chef.

If you have paid for parking take the parking slip with you and ask at the restaurant if they cover your parking charge. You may be pleasantly surprised.

The waiters know what dishes are popular and what is fresh that day. They also know that if you like their recommendation they will get a better tip.

A waiter will rarely tell you that something is not good, but if you are steered away from your choice, go with the waiter's suggestion. That said, also keep in mind that a good waiter is a salesman and don't let him talk you into ordering something that you won't like. For example, if your meat is too rare or your fish is not done well, ask that it be returned to the kitchen for further cooking.

Stop eating immediately and ask the waiter to remove the dish. Try to find a substitute that is more likely to succeed. Perhaps you had tried a new dish that was not to your liking. Now is a time to go for something tried and true.

Caution: Do not eat most of the dish and then try to return it. Speaking loudly into a cellphone annoys everyone else in the restaurant. Please be considerate of the other people in a restaurant who are enjoying their evening out.

The staff at eLuna. com wishes you great visits to our kosher restaurants. We hope that you enjoy the enormous effort that has gone into bringing you this website. Please tell everyone that you know about us, for our strength is in numbers.

New Friendly Features on the eLuna. com Website We are working to make eLuna. com a friendlier place to visit. This month we added two new features to make it easier for you to to use our website.

For Email Marketing you can trust. Download the eLuna app and carry eLuna in your pocket Using the eLuna App. Copyright All rights reserved. Contact eLuna. email eLuna. The eLuna. Need Help We are happy to help. Using Using eLuna Bookmark this site eLuna on Facebook Tell A Friend.

Your review will only be read by the restaurant. Overview Contact Photos. Our Restaurants Kosher in Midtown. Tags: fried rice lo mein poke salad sandwiches soup sushi. Details Kosher in Midtown is New York's go-to choice for delectable Kosher food.

Phone Number. Other restaurants nearby. The Shops at Atlas Park, Cooper Ave , Ridgewood, NY Join Foodie Card. BECOME A FOODIE CARD INSIDER!

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