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Plus, a live video announcement will stir up a lot of excitement around your contest. For your live video, you can include information on how to enter the giveaway, prize details even better, show the prize itself , and take questions from your audience.

If you like, you can even run a video contest for a lot more engagement. For instance, if your contest prize is a new camera, look for photography bloggers. Reach out to the bloggers you find with a personalized email and explain how your contest will benefit the blogger and their readers.

To be successful, it will need to be a win-win-win partnership benefitting you, the blogger, and their audience. Think about how to present those benefits when you reach out to influencers.

Like blogger outreach, you can also partner with YouTubers to promote your contest to a whole new audience. Find YouTube channels related to your niche and reach out to those with a decent amount of subscribers, views, and engagement. If you know your target audience is very active on a certain social media platform like Pinterest or Instagram, you can also reach out to influencers on those platforms.

To reach an even bigger audience on social media, consider creating Facebook or Instagram ads. Facebook ads will not only allow you to promote your contest to more people online, but they also let you target the exact type of people most interested in your giveaway by criteria such as gender, age, location, interests, and more.

If ads are a little too complicated for you, you can simply boost your contest Facebook post. Aside from ads and promotional post ideas on social media, you can also push your contest to more people online with Google Ads.

With Google Ads, you can get your contest featured on the Google search results of users searching for the exact keywords you want to target. This will make getting more entries from people who have never heard of your business before.

Some great advertisement ideas for competitions are to create flyers to hand out at local events or posters you can put up in community centers or other businesses.

You can also use offline marketing to promote your contest to your existing customers by adding promotional cards to the packages you send out.

Here are some best practices for promoting your contest to reach a wider audience and generate more entries:. They can help you understand the rules and regulations and ensure your contest terms and conditions adhere to them. To prevent cheating or fraud in your online contest, use a reputable contest management platform such as RafflePress that has built-in fraud detection and prevention features.

Set clear contest rules, monitor entries closely, and require participants to provide verifiable personal information. You can measure your contest promotion success by tracking various metrics, such as the number of entries, social media engagement likes, shares, comments , website traffic, new email subscribers, and sales.

Analyzing these metrics will help you understand the effectiveness of your contest and inform your future marketing efforts. A Google Analytics tool like MonsterInsights is a great way to do this.

Yes, incorporating user-generated content UGC in your contest promotion is a great way to encourage engagement and generate buzz. You can ask participants to submit photos, videos, or stories related to your brand or product and use them as part of your promotional materials.

Be sure to obtain proper permissions and give credit to the original creators. Remember, begin promoting your giveaway before it goes live to get many entries on day 1. Be sure to announce the winner on your website and all of your social media accounts.

With these tips, your contest will be such a success; that you might even want to start brainstorming new contest ideas right away. We hope this article helped you discover the best contest promotion ideas for your business. If you liked this post, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

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I have watched and reviewed your training material, but I am not sure if you have this feature, I am hoping to have an email go out to everyone who has entered to notify of who won, and include a discount code to those who did not win also tell them about the next Giveaway that will be active to keep them engaged.

I will use the information about Sweepstakes and Contest Directories to help get more awareness of the Giveaway. Thank you. Thanks for the comment.

The plugin does not send bulk email. However, if you will use an integration, for example, Mailchimp there is an option to send people straight to your email service provider as soon as they register for the giveaway.

Hi guys — I would like to send out coupons to our customers, that have a unique, single-use code on the back. The customer would then redeem this code on our website to enter themselves into our prize draw.

Unfortunately, there is no option to achieve this with RafflePress. We have added it to our list to look into. Hi Norman. Is it possible to start with Plus and then upgrade subscription to Pro with the difference amount?

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Optimize Your Contest Landing Page 3. Redirect Visitors to Your Contest Landing Page 4. Send Emails to Your Subscribers 5. Submit to Sweepstakes and Contest Directories 6. Free Promotion Ideas: Add Links to Your Social Media Bios 7. Post Your Giveaway on Your Facebook Page 8. And Promote it With Your Facebook Cover Photo 9.

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Lots of people use social media for entertainment. So from time to time, you should run fun giveaways for your followers to enjoy. I loved this example from Legoland California. They put their own Lego twist on Instagram food photos, and set their followers a quick, entertaining challenge.

They even squeezed in a reference to their 20th anniversary celebrations. Social media has seen the rise of a new kind of brand: DTC, or direct-to-consumer.

That means instead of selling via brick-and-mortar stores, these brands sell directly to online shoppers. But you need to think long term. The giveaway lets you post in detail about your products. But what about wider trends in fashion and marketing?

For example, in , retro stickers are making a comeback. Custom stickers with cute designs are highly popular with Millennial and Gen Z consumers. Well, brand loyalty is hardly new.

But with DTC brands, influencers who are like friends, and the immediacy of social media, more people are interacting with brands in public. They combined the sticker trend with their unmistakable, colorful aesthetic to give away a bunch of prizes. Best of all, prizes like custom stickers are relatively cheap to produce and send.

Think creatively about how to share your branding with followers! As well as giving away products or branded merch, some of the best Instagram giveaways share special experiences with followers.

Think concert tickets, festival passes, pop-up events, or visits to your brand HQ. So flights and festival passes for a music festival in Bilbao were the perfect prize. Is thought leadership part of your brand strategy?

Thought leadership is about showing best practices , educating your consumers, and building your reputation. One way to do that is running industry events and awards. They created an event that would appeal to readers and competitors alike: the Influencer Awards.

While they delighted followers with a glitzy event and ticket giveaways, other brands took notice. Cosmopolitan established themselves as a thought leader for magazines and social media. Most giveaways only run for hours. I liked this giveaway from PlayStation, who gave away a special edition DS4 console to gamer fans:.

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15 Perfect Instagram Giveaway Examples to Skyrocket Your Followers


My Instagram Marketing Strategy: How I Run Giveaway Contests For My Clothing Brand (Super Easy!) Ptomotions Lego Affordable food prices givsaway will be deeply rooted in the minds Sample giveaway promotions those people for the hours it takes to Free samples for cleaning their build. Many people use smartphones and Sample giveaway promotions, so a prlmotions entry process increases accessibility. These big brands have been hosting giveaways for decades, at their stores, in magazines and newspapers, and on TV. And with its modern interface, drag-and-drop giveaway builder, and viral giveaway templates Including an Instagram contest templateyou can create any contest. The prize includes a luxurious stay at a 5-star resort, offering personalized spa treatments, exquisite dining, and private excursions.

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