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All rights reserved. Welcome to Millie Moon Please choose your location: USA Canada. Related: How to Get Amazon Prime for Free. Diaper swaps are a great way to get rid of diapers that no longer fit your baby and collect the right size from parents in the same boat.

You can find swaps in mom groups on Facebook, church groups, or through local doulas. Cloth diapers are gaining popularity for being a non-toxic, chlorine-free, and more affordable long-term diapering option.

They can cost more upfront, but they can reduce your total spending on diapers. And if you reuse them for another baby, you could potentially eliminate your entire diaper budget.

You can also find used cloth diapers through mom and breastfeeding groups, Facebook Marketplace, and consignment stores or pop-up sales. A diaper co-op is another way to save on cloth diapers. In a co-op, a group of people order cloth diapers at the same time to access bulk-quantity pricing.

Related: 10 Legit Ways to Get Free Clothing from Companies. If you know anything about couponing , you can easily cut costs on diapers.

Check your mail, store flyers, and the newspaper for coupons. Babies grow fast! When that happens you can find moms selling partially-used packages of diapers on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and the Nextdoor app. Check the number of diapers compared to the price to ensure the price-per-diaper is cheaper than the store.

Related: 20 Ways to Get Free Stuff Online. If you are struggling to buy diapers for your baby then there are local and national services that can help you. The National Diaper Bank Network serves low-income households by helping with free diapers and basic needs. You can dial on your phone or visit org to find a free diaper bank in your area to see if you qualify for its free diaper program.

Help EndDiaperNeed. Support The National Diaper Bank Network and your local diaper bank. The Cuddle Me Diaper Program provides low-income families with free diapers and wipes.

You can find Cuddle Me diaper banks in Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, or Washington D. The Share The Love program from Cotton Babies Love makes a set of cloth diapers available to low-income families receiving government assistance. Related: How to Get Free Money from The Government.

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"Close (esc)". Mama & Baby - Free Sample. Close (esc). Mama & Baby - Free Sample. a gift for you & baby too! Regular price $ / Get free diapers from major diaper companies if you register with them for free samples. free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit loaded with free samples and free baby NationalConsumerCenter is another popular website for parents looking for free diaper samples. The website offers a variety of different samples


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Free baby diaper samples - Show your support & sign up for Huggies® to receive FREE newborn diapers and wipes*(up to 4 weeks old). Together, let's help babies get all the hugs they "Close (esc)". Mama & Baby - Free Sample. Close (esc). Mama & Baby - Free Sample. a gift for you & baby too! Regular price $ / Get free diapers from major diaper companies if you register with them for free samples. free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit loaded with free samples and free baby NationalConsumerCenter is another popular website for parents looking for free diaper samples. The website offers a variety of different samples

com gift cards for completing different online tasks and activities for national brands. They also have loads of free samples. To maximize your haul, call ahead before your visit and ask them what they can give you.

Request diapers in all different sizes. While friends and family love to gift cute booties and onesies, if you set diapers as a "priority" item, plenty of them should come through. Welcome boxes will almost always contain a couple of sample packs of diapers.

Target , Amazon , buybuyBaby , and Walmart are just a handful of many retailers who offer you a free welcome box for creating a baby registry with them.

Why not create multiple registries and get multiple boxes? I've personally found that my friends and family liked the flexibility of being able to choose from multiple stores. To take advantage of this perk, and up the total dollar amount of baby registry items purchased, my husband and I added baby stuff to the list that we wanted to purchase for ourselves anyway.

Items like baby proofing gear, nipple cream, and an extra car seat base. Things we needed but didn't necessarily want to put on a registry.

Well after her birth date, we were adding and purchasing things off of the registry. In fact, 1 in 3 American families report experiencing diaper need. The National Diaper Bank Network offers Community Diaper Programs to provide free diaper assistance. We actually use cloth diapers a lot of the time, and they are not as scary and overwhelming as I had once thought.

I clean them in our washer and dryer gentle cycle , and never fold them. I have one drawstring bag of clean ones, and one of the dirty ones. Easy peasy. Most cloth diapers come in cute, cheerful prints made out of a soft, waterproof PUL shell. And with adjustable snap closures, you never have to mess with pins and they are one-size-fits-all meaning they fit babies from pounds.

You can find out more about cloth diapering and give it a try yourself. Both of these organizations want to help qualifying families and promote widespread adoption of cloth diapers. At The Cloth Option, for example, an approved family will get a starter stash of 20 cloth diapers.

Facebook is filled with BST Buy Sell Trade groups and garage sale groups. Some are themed around interests like gently used kids' clothing , and others are themed around certain cities, towns, or neighborhoods. Put out an "ISO" In Search Of post and let the group know you're in search of free diapers.

You don't have to disclose why. Because babies grow quickly, plenty of parents have extra diapers in smaller sizes that their child has outgrown. Many don't know what to do with them, so ask. The same goes for unopened diaper creams and wipes.

Additionally, Facebook groups are a good chance to score some gently used or well-loved cloth diapers. I initially balked at the idea, but hey. Your baby will soil them too, and you can bleach out the stains. Many families rely partially, or exclusively, upon infant formula.

Luckily, as with diapers, there are a number of ways to get free formula. You can request free samples of Enfamil , Similac , Gerber , Member's Mark , and for Canadian residents, try Nestle Baby. In my experience, formula companies are happy to send out!

You will need to register for their loyalty programs, but it's well worth it. When my husband and I left the hospital with our daughter, they sent us home with a canister of Neosure 22 and asked us if we needed a second one. While I didn't ask for a third one, I'm reasonably confident that the nurses would have obliged.

Another reason to be sweet as pie to your nurses. Similarly, at your pediatrician visits, you can fill out paperwork to indicate or just tell the nurse that you would like some free formula samples.

I recommend calling ahead to make sure they can get a stash ready for you. Request a Sample. Made with feather soft materials, up to 12 hour leak protection and no nasties. Find your Closest Store.

For Parents Toddler. Everything you need to know about potty training regression and four key strategies to overcome it. Infant Toddler. How to introduce the toilet training process with your little one, and signs that might indicate they're ready to start learning.

Unsubscribe anytime. Unsubscribe any time. We use necessary cookies to run our website and analytics cookies to help us improve it. Please note that necessary cookies will be set regardless of your consent.

You have the free right to accept analytics cookies. To learn more about cookies please see our Cookie Policy. To find out how to change your cookies preferences, see Cookie Settings. Shop Now. Our Products. Huggies offers samples and sometimes free entire boxes of diapers to people that sign-up for their loyalty programs.

And if you gave birth to twins or triplets, Huggies has special programs for you. Parent Tested — Parent Approved is a free community to sign up for and they send out thousands of dollars in free products to parents each year.

Free baby products that they send out include free diapers such as Andy Pandy Premium Bamboo Diapers. You can also get several free diapers sample packs in baby registry welcome boxes such as Amazon Baby Registry , Target Baby Registry , Walmart Baby Registry , Buy Buy Baby registry.

Naty is one of those brands. You can contact your favorite baby diapers brand s and ask them about their brand ambassador program. Baby showers are a great time to stock up on diapers! A fun way to get baby diapers from a baby shower is to organize a raffle.

Ask guests to bring a pack of diapers to be entered in a raffle to win a little prize. Here is an invitation example:. Reach out to brands of baby diapers, let them know you are expecting or just welcomed a new new baby and that you want to try their diapers for your baby.

I have heard good things about your company and products. I was wondering if you had any free diaper samples that you could send me to test out? Anything you could send me to try would be fantastic!

Thank you so much for your time. Here is how to contact the major diaper companies you can also try messaging them on their social media accounts : Huggies Pampers Luvs GoodNites The Honest Co. Also follow diaper companies on their social media channels. Coupons, promotions, and giveaways are often posted, and some of these are only available to followers.

11 Free Diaper Samples You Can Score Today! Free sample websites directory listing can Free gaming software samples the switch Access free book samples a Frree. I have personally claimed many of these samples for my own babies. Samplss trained, yes! But, you can check out my post comparing the best baby registries! sign up to our. A few of the baby registry samples you need to claim in-store. Sometimes, these can be printed off and taken to the store.

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