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Very happy with our purchase! Promising review: "My year-old and 6-year-old sit and play with it for hours at a time. It lights up. Not too big fits on a desk perfectly.

The kit comes with sample slides, cover slips, tweezers, scalpel, specimen vials, adjustable lenses, collecting lamps, and a sturdy storage case. Promising review: " My 9-year-old niece was asking for a microscope for her birthday and I decided to buy it and I am so happy that I did.

This kit has everything that your young scientist needs! I mean it has everything, there are blank slides and labels, tweezers and 'scapulas,' small vials, and so much more.

It even includes shrimp eggs to hatch. How cool is that?!? My niece was so excited about this present that at her birthday party she had all the kids taking turns looking at slides of onionskins and dragonfly wings and leaves. This is a great starter microscope for a little scientist and it is educational fun for the whole family.

This makes a great way to get kids and adults off the electronics and learning about the world around them. Promising review: "Gift for year son. He loves science! This is a GREAT microscope, especially for the pricing.

Love that it comes with a carrying case and everything fits really well into it. Thanks is his first experience with a microscope and definitely needs adult supervision in the beginning.

Promising review: "My boys love this toy! The Air Hogs Super Soft Jump Fury remote control is easy to drive and full of surprises! The first time it jumped I screamed!

The kids love it! While we couldn't get it to jump on slopes, it worked great on gravel and concrete, plus it's safe for indoors. We had ages 3—10 try it and everyone had an easy time with it.

Lots of fun! Promising review: "I can not give these enough stars! These are the best thing ever, they keep my 5-year-old entertained for hours!

Promising review: "Simply said — amazing. We bought one of these for each of our four children, 8 years old through 16 years old. I have flown drones for years; but I will not let my kids near my expensive drones, but they've always asked.

So my wife and I bought these for our kids for Christmas. I still cannot believe how good they are. The seller could charge two to three times more for this product. Promising review: "Great for the kids. The kids have been playing with this for hours.

One of them even asked if they could sleep in it. I highly recommend this product. Promising review: "You know how you want to give gifts that are educational and fun? Gifts that encourage kids to explore and figure things out for themselves through play?

Gifts that do not involve screens or videos or batteries, that do not flash or make annoying noises or 'talk' in a squeaky voice that sets the dog to barking? This is the gift you want to give. Easy to assemble, fun for adults to play with before wrapping, perfect for little kids upon opening.

A little challenging for the 2-year-old to always keep the cars on the tracks and to line up the car with the helicopter for pickup, but something to learn and grow into. The 4-year-old declares it his favorite toy. This grandma loves it because it's kid-powered, appealing, and sturdy, and who doesn't love to push buttons, turn cranks, and close up a drawbridge.

Very pleased I found this and broke my rule about no plastic gifts! Promising review: "I purchased this as one of my stepson's birthday presents this past fall.

He just turned 8, and I was trying to get some more outside toys to play with. I thought that he'd enjoy it, but I had no clue how popular this freakin' toy would be. All of our kids, ages 2—8, LOVE this thing and so do all of the neighbor kids.

It is played with every single time the kids are outside, sometimes for hours. I have never seen my kids play with ANYTHING for hours, but they sure do with this. Taking it out guarantees that every kid under the age of 12 will appear in our yard.

The best part? It recirculates water stored in a tank under the sink so they can play for hours without wasting water. Promising review: " My 3-year-old daughter absolutely loves this sink.

She got this for her 3rd birthday and it was the best present she received. She puts all her play food and dishes in this sink and scrubs and scrubs away.

She also loves to wash her hands in this sink with her pretend soap. This sink works perfectly, and easy to assemble. The key is to make sure you fill up the sink with as much water as asked or it will not come out of the spout.

We love it so much I plan to buy three more for my nieces and nephew. Promising review: "I purchased this as a gift for an 8-year old boy.

He loves to build, loves robotics, dinosaurs, and Godzilla. He sits for hours on end, which is an amazing accomplishment for any 8-year-old , playing with and building all the different robot toys.

And, this isn't just for little boys. A friends 8-year-old daughter loves them, the year-old parent loves them, and the year-old grandpa loves them. Fun for the whole family! My preschooler is OBSESSED with making these necklaces and I love that it keeps her off the screen. She totes her creations around in the adorable carry case and enjoys making mommy and daddy!

wear them. Promising review: "My 4-year-old daughter and I just opened this up and made EVERY necklace, with plenty of beads to spare. May I just say how wonderful of a surprise this was. This is a great activity to have that special mommy-daughter time.

Promising review: " This tablet has entertained my 4-year-old grandson for hours at a time. He loves that he can erase at will and that the drawings are multicolored.

I highly recommend this item for 18 months old and up. I bought a pink one for our month-old granddaughter, and she too is just enthralled with it and the 'power' she has to erase, create, erase, create! They loved them so much, that we bought another set of two different colors so that they would have them at home as well as at 'Grammy's.

Promising review: "I was happily astonished upon receipt of this pogo stick. It kept my 4-year-old grandson busy for hours at a time during the bitter-cold days of this holiday season.

It is well made and adjustable as children grow in height. It encourages developing a fine sense of balance. The material is tough enough to withstand use outdoors, but gentle enough to be used on hardwood floors or rugs.

It is a great birthday gift for any child 4 to 8 years old. Promising review: " I bought this flower garden as a gift for my 3-year-old daughter. She absolutely loves it! She has always enjoyed blocks and this is something different that has kept her engaged for hours!

We highly recommend this product to others!! The kit comes with the giant bubble wand, two pouches of bubble concentrate, and a booklet to help you become a skilled bubble creator! Promising review: "Fantastic product!!

My 8-year-old son played outside with them for two solid hours happy as can be! I definitely recommend and will buy again!. Promising review: " My daughter opened this on Christmas day and worked on it for hours.

She could do most things by herself, or with a quick demonstration. She especially loves that she can change the fox's clothes and potentially make more herself, patterned from the ones included.

Perfect gift for any fox-loving girl! The kit comes with four slow-rise squishies, four large bottles of paint, two quality paintbrushes, sprinkles, color guide, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Promising review: " Perfect for my 8-year-old's birthday gift! I looked at quite a few squishy paint kits, read quite a lot of reviews of each, this one surpassed the others. My little one was ecstatic when she realized what it was! She immediately had to dive right into it! Promising review: "This swing is awesome!

It super sturdy. Was easy to put together, took 15 mins if that. BuzzFeed Shopping logo BuzzFeed Shopping logo. Gift Guide. Sex Toys. Shopping Caret Right Kids · Posted on Dec 9, by Chandni Reddy BuzzFeed Staff.

No tools needed! Amazon, amazon. Adult supervision advised. Free two-day shipping for Prime Members; shipping times subject to change. A wooden puzzle equivalent to playing Tetris but in tactile form that'll ~exercise their brain~ without any screentime. Reviewer's say this is a great toy for all ages — from 3 to And a wooden geoboard that comes with 35 pattern cards to challenge your child's dexterity and imagination while attempting to create shapes using rubber bands.

Aaaand as they become more accomplished, they can even recreate the designs on the cards. A National Geographic geodes kit that'll blow any junior geologist's mind and give them an excuse to smash rocks with a hammer.

Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF. com , Amazon. A marble run set for providing endless possibilities to build creative structures — all while developing their problem-solving skills.

They'll be ~ah-mazed~ at the results when the marbles roll through the mazes they create. Slumberkins is a Tinybeans fave. Each sweet 'Kin' and book combination helps kiddos learn social and emotional skills confidence, positive self talk, and healthy relationships , plus they're adorable and include an affirmation card for littles to help remember the most important messaging.

This season, Bigfoot is sharing his gift and learning self-acceptance. No one loves a good sticker decoration activity like kids, and this terrarium gets decorated and also includes potting mix, decorative gravel, plant mister and quick-grow chia seeds.

Odin Parker makes heirloom toys that are perfect for gifting, and the water blocks teach them colors, shapes, shadows, and more. Meet Hork. He's a shark-horse hybrid, along with his friends Zangaroo , Seadog , Squiger , and more.

Randimals are designed to remind little ones that 'what makes us different, makes all the difference'. Made from rubberwood, this cute cactus teaches balance and coordination through a stacking game the whole family can play. Complete with easy-to-decorate pieces—86, to be exact—that are reusable and ready to help little ones complete their museum build.

Even though they all nest together, these stacking blocks can be used individually for open-ended play. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for expert parenting tips and simple solutions that make life instantly better. By subscribing you agree to Tinybeans Terms and Privacy Policy. Christmas For Kids Gifts for Kids Hanukkah Holidays Shopping.

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of joy. and connection.

Discover free toys on TrySpree where the community finds and posts new free toys for you to enjoy. Popular Forums. Makeup · Clothes · Jewelry · Stickers At Fundemonium we always have sample toys available for kids to try. Some of our most popular samples include: Riding on our ponies; Playing games like Cow Pie Missing


NON-TOY GIFTS Kids Will LOVE - Gift Ideas For Kids

Free toy samples for gift ideas - Over 90 pages of toys, gifts, and fun activities including a maze, color-by-number, cardboard craft, stickers, postcard, short story, and more. Share Discover free toys on TrySpree where the community finds and posts new free toys for you to enjoy. Popular Forums. Makeup · Clothes · Jewelry · Stickers At Fundemonium we always have sample toys available for kids to try. Some of our most popular samples include: Riding on our ponies; Playing games like Cow Pie Missing

Sign In Sign in to your account. Blog Learn about the TrySpree forum. Forum Rules Understand the rules of the forum. About Us Learn about the TrySpree forum.

Contact Us Ask questions or give us feedback. Free Toys Discover free toys on TrySpree where the community finds and posts new free toys for you to enjoy. Popular Forums. Makeup Clothes Jewelry Stickers Electronics.

All Forums. Select a Forum Automatic Newest Popular Automotive Baby Beauty Books Clothes Coupons Digital Educational Electronics Food Games Health Home And Garden Jewelry Kids Magazines Makeup Mens Miscellaneous Movies Music Perfume Pet Sports Stickers Sweepstakes Toys Womens.

Select Rating. Filter Offers. Hide Expired. Hide Sweepstakes. Hide Services like BzzAgent. The Home Tester Club is always looking for people to test free products. While they offer opportunities to test foods, skin care, tech, and personal products, toys are a big part of this program.

The Tester Club works by mailing toy products to your home in exchange for an honest review and a survey response. Head over here to sign up your crew! Some toys run their course faster than others. While the short-lived excitement may not make our wallets too happy, there is an upside.

If the toy is clean and in relatively good condition, it can be easily passed on to another child. Here are several good outlets for posting and buying gently used or newly recycled toys.

The Freecycle Network is a great place to start a search. Freecycle is a free, membership-based, grassroots nonprofit movement of people dedicated to giving and getting stuff for free in their own towns. You can also set up your own, smaller personal Friends Circle for gifting items with just your friends.

However you choose to use the platform, Freecycle is ultimately one of the most sustainable ways to get free toys for your kids. Head over here to sign up for Freecycle and score free toys! com is affiliated with Freecycle.

Visit TrashNothing. Facebook Marketplace is an excellent source to find all kinds of freebies, including free toys for your kids. You might get lucky and find a parent that just wants their space back and list them for FREE, or for a fraction of the cost.

Hosting a toy swap with your parent friends is another great way to get free toys for your kids, especially if the kids are of similar ages. To get free toys before the holidays, host a toy swap right around Thanksgiving when everyone has some time off!

Life happens and sometimes we forget the simplest thing, like a toy, can ease the stress of a situation for a child. They even offer families the chance to score free Christmas toys as sometimes the season gets overlooked amid all the bills.

Use the website to take part and donate or find a participating Toy Bank near you. Visit the Toy Foundation website. Most of us have heard of Toys for Tots. The goal of Toys for Tots, a national charity soon celebrating its 75th year, is to help bring the joy of Christmas to less fortunate children.

To get involved with this awesome mission, simply visit the website for a local or national chapter and view donation opportunities. You can also apply online for your child to be a toy recipient. Visit Toys for Tots. The trousers can be made with or without the front pockets to complete the look for either solider or civilian.

ORDER NOW: Free DOLL CLOTHES PATTERN. Enter your email address on their site and receive a FREE DRONE COUPON good for your choice of select drones. No purchase is required for this in-store coupon.

Use it the next time you visit your local Micro Center! ORDER NOW: Coupon - Free Drone at Micro Center. ORDER NOW: Free Sample of Spectra Chrome "spray-on" chrome. Simply complete the form on their site for your FREE SadoCrafts Dog Doll.

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Free Toys & Kids Games Join us at toj LEGO Store on World Play Day - …. Wamples loves to build, loves robotics, dinosaurs, and Godzilla. These are the best thing ever, they keep my 5-year-old entertained for hours! Pingback: 31 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Children - Info You Should Know. The best part is that my son announced this on his own- with no prompting from us.

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