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Home decor sample shop

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Material Bank logo. Thank you for using Material Bank. I agree. The most powerful way of searching and sampling materials. Samples tomorrow morning.

For architects and interior designers Already more than brands Next day delivery to major European cities Everything in one box Always FREE for approved architects and designers. Join for FREE.

For manufacturers Connect to specifiers Powerful brand exposure Ultra-fast sample logistics Low risk business model Strong ROI. Become a Brand Partner. Register now Get access to tens of thousands of samples delivered overnight. Hundreds of leading brands all in one place.

New materials and brands partners added every day Material Bank powers complex searches across hundreds of leading brands and thousands of materials in seconds. New Project. Select an Associated Product. Brand Analytics. Carbon Impact Program Menu.

Sign Out. Contact Info First Name Last Name Email Office Phone Mobile Phone. Country 0? Preferences Preferred Contact Method Urgent Order Notification Receive urgent text notifications related to your order.

Fabric samples are free of charge, so your total will be $ at checkout! Not sure what style or finish you want for your project? Order up to 10 free samples to see how great our products will look in your home Specializing in holiday (Christmas!), seasonal, gift, garden, Licensed Collegiate and everyday home décor, items in our Sample Store are overstock, closeout

Home decor sample shop - Take home options! Buy samples or single pieces of the products you love. See what works in your space and return the rest. Online Fabric samples are free of charge, so your total will be $ at checkout! Not sure what style or finish you want for your project? Order up to 10 free samples to see how great our products will look in your home Specializing in holiday (Christmas!), seasonal, gift, garden, Licensed Collegiate and everyday home décor, items in our Sample Store are overstock, closeout

See FAQ below for more information. No sales or delivery to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii. Please call toll free 1. Your samples will be shipped to your door within business days. Check out the quality and color variations among products. Place them in your rooms using the natural light of your home to get a feel for how they will look.

Visit DIY Decor Store to browse all of our products before ordering. If you have any questions prior to placing your order, call toll-free to chat with a DIY decor specialist.

Our stellar Customer Service team is ready to assist you with questions related to product quality, installation and more. Commercial Customers or Retail Stores: Please call 1.

Our customer service hours are Monday — Friday from 7 AM to PM — U. Central Time. You may order up to 10 backsplash, ceiling or wall panel samples. If you request more than 10 samples, your order will be cancelled. Palisade samples are 4. We do our best to ensure each sample is an accurate representation of the application it represents.

The samples are completely free of charge. All you pay for is shipping to your doorstep. We ship our samples in proprietary DIY Decor Store bags via Fed Ex directly to your door. Product type. More filters. Sort by: Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to old.

Clear Apply. Clear all. Sample: Whitehaven - Antique Rose. Sample: Whitehaven - Cloud Mist. Sample: Deane Embroidery - Storm. Sample: Floating Trellis - Indigo. Sample: Deane Embroidery - Flax. Sample: Deane Embroidery - Flint.

Sample: Deane Embroidery - Zinc. Sample: Deane Embroidery - Smoke. Sample: Deane Embroidery - Porcelain. Quick links Search Facebook - The Nest Instagram Facebook - Not Just Curtains. Contact 25 East Broadway - Derry, NH nestnhonline gmail. com


VINTAGE + THRIFT SHOP WITH ME - HIGH-END HOME DECOR ON A BUDGET o t :t;return n. Low-cost dining options Pack - Tadelakt Peel samplle Stick Home decor sample shop - Color: Spice. Hundreds of leading brands all in one place. initEvent e,! Click to visit our blogsubscribe to our store email below, or follow us on Facebook for weekly updates. Interior Sample Box

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