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There's also built-in support for highlighting, and then reviewing your highlights later. You can even use Zapier to connect Pocket with your favorite apps.

For example, you can automatically send articles in your RSS feed to Pocket or share your favorite content in Slack. Here are more ways to automate Pocket. Instapaper is a close second, and it even lets you send articles to your Kindle. These aren't your only choices, though—check out our list of the best read-it-later apps for some more options.

It's also worth noting that some people use bookmarking apps or even note-taking apps for the same purpose, and that's great—they both make it easy to save things for future reference. Once you've chosen a bookmarking app, check out these automatic workflows to help you get the most out of your read-it-later app.

Whether it's for a quick presentation or troubleshooting a problem, sometimes recording what's on your screen and sharing it just makes life easier. Screen recording tools are perfect for this, allowing you to quickly record your screen, your voice, and even your face if you have a webcam.

Loom , shown above, is a great first tool to check out in this category. It's easy to set up, works on all major platforms, and makes it really simple to share recordings.

You can even add your face to the recording via a webcam. I personally use Zappy , which was originally an internal tool used by Zapier. It's honestly the best screenshot tool I've ever used, and it's free. If you use a Mac, it's worth a try.

Check out our list of the best screen recording tools for more options, and keep in mind you can actually record your screen without any software , if you don't mind managing the file yourself. Want to share your screen in real time? You need a screen sharing app Zoom works surprisingly well.

Coming up with a long, complex password—because you do use a long, complex password, right? Remembering all those unique, carefully thought-up passwords for every website is a whole other challenge.

That's why you need a password manager. Password managers fix a lot of the problems with passwords for you. All you have to do is remember a single master password, and the app takes care of the rest. And since data breaches are way more common than you'd think, password managers help protect you against unauthorized access and harmful attacks—and keep all your information private.

It's the best option for most people looking for a password manager because it's easy to use, incredibly secure, and works on pretty much every browser, with all your passwords syncing across all your devices.

There are other password manager apps that offer free plans, though. Check out our list of the best password manager apps for some more options. And if you're serious about beefing up your cyber security, try a passkey instead.

Monthly plan available once you onboard. This article could go on forever. There's no end to great software out there, and I love writing about it. I think the above categories should save you all kinds of time—and take up plenty of your time to set up—but here are a few other suggestions if you're feeling particularly motivated.

Mobile scanning apps , like Microsoft Lens , let you scan documents using your phone while also digitizing any text using optical character recognition OCR.

Check out our list of the best mobile scanning OCR apps for more choices. Text expansion tools , like PhraseExpress , mean you'll never need to look up and copy-paste the same message to multiple people ever again.

Read more about text expansion software , or learn how it can make you better at dating. Dictation software , like Apple Dictation for Apple devices or Windows 11 Speech Recognition for Windows , lets you type by talking, which can save you all sorts of time. Here's our list of the best dictation software.

Time tracking apps , like Toggl Track , are great for keeping track of how long projects take and making sure you're not spending too much time on the wrong things.

Take a look at our list of the best time tracking apps to find the right one for you. Mind mapping software , like Coggle , helps you map the connections between different ideas while you're brainstorming. Here are our picks for the best mind mapping software. Or take a look at the best brainstorming tools overall.

Once you have apps set up in some of these categories, you can take the whole productivity thing even further. Zapier connects all the other apps you use with workflows you can build yourself—no code required. Like the tools above, Zapier won't solve every problem you have, but it's a great way to connect tools that otherwise don't integrate well.

This way you can use the best tools for you, as opposed to the tools that happen to play nice together. And it's not limited to productivity—eventually, you'll find yourself automating even your most business-critical workflows.

The best productivity apps for iPhone. The best Mac productivity apps. The best productivity apps for Windows. The best productivity extensions for Chrome. This post was originally published in September by Matthew Guay. The most recent update was in December by Jessica Lau. Justin Pot is a writer and journalist based in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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Add new Google Calendar events to Todoist as tasks. Try it. Google Calendar, Todoist. Planning a wedding? Managing a project? Job hunting? Planning your editorial calendar? Trello is perfect for all of the above and so much more.

PS: If you want to learn Trello basics, check out our new Trello course here. Think of Any. do as your assistant that takes care of your shallow work while you focus on eating those frogs. Add items to your virtual to-do list or calendar and set up location-based reminders to make sure you get them done.

You can even assign tasks to your contacts after you create them. Todoist is pretty badass — so badass; it has more than three million users worldwide. Zapier also routes all of your notifications from your different apps to one central hub so you can review everything together.

Check out these workflow templates to see just how automated your life can become with Zapier. As useful as technology is, the digital world can be a bit draining after awhile.

Livescribe Smartpens allow you to write notes on specialized paper that automatically syncs on your iOS and Android devices. Your handwritten notes will then transform into text that you can tag, search, schedule, share and so much more. All of the lines in the notebook are made up of tiny dots to help the camera in the Evernote app align and focus on your notes.

You can even use color-coded stickers to tag your scanned notes, which will automatically organize them.

Imagine finally living up to your true potential, having time to do the things that matter, and earning a well-deserved break without the guilt of leaving a trail of tasks undone.

So create a few goals today, set realistic deadlines to complete them, and congratulate yourself on taking the first step to upping your productivity game. Way to go! Toggle navigation GoSkills. Courses Courses Train your organization Supercharge your organization with expert-led business and productivity courses.

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Tell me how much you get done. Overview Courses Resources Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Pocket Email. FM Forest Trello Any. Do Todoist Automate Zapier Trove Take Notes No More Excuses. Unfortunately, 99 percent of the time when I ask this question, all I hear back is… crickets Almost immediately, they have an epiphany: replying to emails, sharing funny Slack GIFs, and spending hours in brainstorming meetings are not impressive bullet points.

What is deep work? You complete tasks in less time. You feel fulfilled and happy professionally. The 4 Biggest Productivity Killers Most of us ashamedly succumb to one or more distractions every hour. So, what kills productivity?

Probably not. Keep tracking everything you do, every day. Grab a journal or open up a new sheet via your favorite editor , and answer the following questions: Which tasks can only I do?

What tasks could anyone with minimal training do? Could I automate, or outsource this function s? If not, how can I spend less time on it? A productivity technique should be easy enough to adopt and work into your routine.

So, what are the top productivity methods that can help you supercharge your routine? Delegate: This is something you can delegate to someone else. Repeat 4 times 1. Action Item At the end of your work day, write down five tasks that you want to accomplish tomorrow — and include only the most important tasks MITs.

Features Simple, one-click time tracking. Designed to work for a team, with multiple projects, tags and more. View reports of your time and turn them into professional emails or PDFs. Track time from other apps via integrations. Works on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and in popular browsers.

Perfect for: Freelance and team time tracking Toggl is a staple in the time tracker category. Platforms: Web Chrome Mozilla Android iOS Windows Mac Linux.

Platforms: Web Chrome extension. Price: Free. Perfect for: Mac users Instead of using a timer to keep track of your activities manually, let Timing observe how you spend your time.

It will also help you find your most productive work hours and generate reports for invoicing. Platforms: Mac OS. Platforms: Web Mac Windows. Platforms: Chrome extension. Platforms: Web iOS. Leave your productivity zone, and your green buddy will turn into bare sticks and twigs.

Platforms: iOS Android. Platforms: Web iPhone iPad Android Slack Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox Safari. Platforms: iOS Android Web. There are many types of productivity software tools available for businesses, most with customized pricing models.

From separate applications for project management and time tracking to unified solutions that offer an integrated approach to team productivity—there are plenty of choices. With so many tools at your fingertips, it can be challenging to choose the right one s for your business.

Maintaining employee productivity can be challenging. As employees increasingly work from home or other spaces outside the office, businesses need to look for new strategies to facilitate teamwork and communication. All while ensuring the personal productivity of employees.

Productivity apps that are collaborative and intuitive to use are crucial to keeping your team organized, on task, and satisfied. So, how exactly can productivity tools improve remote collaboration and help you reach your business goals? The following are just a few of the ways:. The main aspects of productivity software focus on collaboration, communication, and project management.

These tools lend themselves to remote work, as no matter where an individual is physically located, they can access platforms to stay connected with their co-workers, manage their tasks, and collaborate in real-time. A well-designed project management tool can make all the difference.

The best productivity apps should feature a clean interface that makes it easy to track projects and tasks, access and collaborate on word processor documents and other files in real-time, and start a team chat or video call with a single click.

A great, easy-to-use productivity platform increases productivity while mitigating the challenges posed by chaotic and hard-to-follow workflows. Another important factor to consider is that the software you choose is just as easy to use on a mobile app as it is on a desktop.

Mobile apps with simple and robust user interfaces allow users to log in and collaborate with team members on the go. An all-in-one productivity app like RingCentral Video by RingCentral makes it simple to message, meet, and collaborate on tasks and team projects from its attractive unified platform.

RingCentral Video stands out from other business productivity tools because users can switch seamlessly between web apps and mobile devices. Sometimes a face-to-face video call can be a more effective way of getting work done.

With RingCentral Video, you can switch from a team chat to a video conference with the tap of a button. The cloud has changed the way business teams communicate and collaborate from a distance. With cloud storage and file sharing, users can access business files and documents from any internet-connected desktop or mobile device at any time.

Cloud storage is hosted and maintained by a third-party provider, which reduces the costs and risks associated with local storage. This provides enhanced security and ensures your team has access to their important files and documents whenever they need.

With online file sharing, teams can store, access, and collaborate on important business docs, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time, streamlining collaboration and improving teamwork.

Many of the best project management systems feature built-in cloud storage. However, access to large amounts of storage space usually requires a premium plan. Where most office productivity suites put a cap on how much you can store for free, RingCentral Video gives you unlimited storage from the get-go.

Messaging apps are no longer just for keeping in touch with friends and family members. Team chat apps have become an integral part of business productivity software, particularly as remote work continues to grow in popularity.

Remote teams can benefit from instant messaging apps for business users that allow them to discuss projects, share updates, or just chat with coworkers. The best chat tools let you create multiple channels to separate projects, teams, departments, etc. Nowadays, business teams expect more than just the ability to chat in real-time from messaging apps.

Instead, they expect to be able to communicate instantly, share files within the chat window, and collaborate on documents as a means of boosting productivity among remote teams. RingCentral Video allows you to chat, share, and collaborate without leaving the app.

RingCentral Video offers it all—for free! In the world of remote work, video conferencing is a must-have feature for any great team productivity app. As teams are dispersed across countries, continents, and time zones, where and how coworkers communicate is shifting.

High-definition video calling functionality allows teams to keep in touch in real-time. Instead, look for solutions that offer a range of presentation tools like screen sharing annotation. This way, users can effectively discuss projects in real time, host online training, or conduct webinars with all the tools they need to enhance communication.

There are numerous video conferencing solutions out there, so choosing the best one for your business can be challenging. What if you could find a product suite that integrates video calls, chat, project management, and several additional productivity apps into a single software solution?

Task management is an essential part of any project management productivity app. Project management team leaders must have the tools they need to effectively delegate tasks and projects.

Great task management tools allow you to assign, schedule, and manage tasks to team members quickly, resulting in saved time and more opportunities to get work done faster. When it comes to a great task management platform, there are a few key features to look out for. These include:.

You can add color to each task to make it simpler for you to track, organize, and reorganize project progress. When you assign tasks with RingCentral Video, you can attach notes, files, and documents to provide your team with more context and ensure they know exactly what they need to do.

If you have a recurring task, you can set it to show every week without wasting time manually planning and assigning it each time. These lists allow us to monitor tasks and other relevant activities that come up during the day, helping us to stay organized and productive.

The concept is simple. With RingCentral Video, you can assign tasks to yourself as well as to your teammates.

15 examples of how to increase productivity in the workplace · 1. Focus on high-priority tasks · 2. Reserve 20% of your day for important tasks Google Drive and Docs offer all the basic productivity tools a student, professional, or entrepreneur needs. Create any document you want (from text files and 1. Set goals · 2. Write things down · 3. Make it easy to do the work · 4. Prioritize your time · 5. Identify your productivity saboteurs · 6

33 Best Office Productivity Tools We Can't Live Without in 2024


4 ONE-MINUTE Habits That Save Me 20+ Hours a Week - Time Management For Busy People Saple than that, producticity defend the time you need to complete important tasks by rearranging your Craft coffee samples. These spreadsheets Free sample aggregator made accounting and other Priductivity easier Sample office productivity their built-in formulae. Office works for you may or may not work for me, which is why—after over a decade of writing about productivity software—I don't really believe there are objectively "best" productivity apps. Now, we mentioned a toy factory, which is an example of productivity in manual work. Data is stored in cells that are divided in columns and rows. The problem: productivity is deeply personal, and the words " productivity tools " mean a lot of different things to different people.

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