Affordable Meat Selection

By choosing the more inexpensive cuts of meat and preparing them properly, you can enjoy your meat-based meals for less. Why the cost discrepancy? Convenience is one of the main reasons some cuts of meat are more expensive than others.

You pay for someone else to do the trimming, which is why buying a whole chicken is more economical than loading your cart with boneless, skinless breasts. Good things come to those who wait, so put your slow cooker or roasting pan to use and give the meat plenty of time to cook so it stays tender and juicy.

These cuts are also great for grilling and smoking, especially with the help of a brine or marinade. Ready to get started? In fact, blends that are lower in cost are usually higher in fat, which often makes for a tastier, juicier patty.

Zesty Barbecue Cheeseburgers. Pulled pork is always a hit; it just takes a little patience! Try this flavorful pork shoulder recipe from our friends at the Kansas Pork Association. Pulled Pork Recipe. Slow Cooker Root Beer Ribs.

Chicken is one of the more inexpensive meat options in general, but you can take it a step further by purchasing bone-in, skin-on thighs.

For more beef tips, see our picks for the best places to order meat online and the best rubs to buy for You can also check out how shopping at Whole Foods can actually save you money , and how to make your food last longer in the fridge to save some cash.

If you're craving the tenderness of ribeye, Jerome suggests the flat iron steak as a worthy alternative. While beef tenderloin is generally not recommended for high-heat grilling because of its delicate nature, the flat iron has the required marbling to match the grill's intensity.

It's also one of the closest in flavor to everyone's favorite steak. The major difference between the two cuts is marbling; ribeye has more internal marbling throughout the cut, which accounts for its tenderness and flavor. Strip steak tends to have a thick band of fat on the outside of the cut that generally isn't eaten, but which contributes to its equally robust flavor.

Jerome also adds that you can easily tease out more portions in a strip steak. As with all cuts of meat, if you find something on sale you should stock up and freeze portions for later, but with strip, Jerome also advises considering buying whole and doing a little bit of your own butchering for added savings.

Sirloin is a primal cut, further down toward the rump of the animal from the rib. Steaks cut from muscles get more work than ribeye, which also makes them a leaner choice for grilling. Dommen also mentions another cut from the sirloin to consider for your barbecue.

It's instantly recognizable as a frequently skewered cut served in Brazilian churrasco. The muscles get more work and have more flavor but also need to be cut with care against the grain," he said. Because a flank steak is so large, coming from just above the belly in the rear quarter of the animal, it qualifies as buying in bulk unto itself.

It's therefore a terrific, budget-friendly option for your cookout. That makes it another preparation that's great for the grill and easy to feed a crowd with.

Because of its natural leanness, however, a marinade is a good way to ensure some added tenderness before grilling. Add pantry olive oil and spices to your acidic base and you're ready to go.

Short ribs come from an area near the prime rib, coming from the chuck, not actually from the rib as the name suggests. This is why beef requires experts. While ribeye comes from the top of the animal, short ribs are closer to the belly.

Short ribs for braising are typically sold bone-in and in shorter pieces, but you can ask your butcher for boneless short ribs that are cut in longer pieces for steak. And it bodes well for the cut's quality if butchers are hoarding them.

Chuck is a cut at the very top and front of the animal, from which ground meat is often processed, so if you've ever grilled burgers, you're already accustomed to putting chuck on the grill. If all else fails when planning your grill festivities, consider that other types of meat can also fill in for beef steak when you're trying to save money.

No matter what cut you're grilling, also consider a few expert tips to make the most of whatever you're working with. Warming spices like cumin, coriander, and allspice are on trend, and work great on the grill.

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Save $80 Every Time You Go To The Grocery Store Buying Ribeye Steaks But we think Sekection Discounted kitchen supplies well-marbled cut is so Selectioh more versatile when fresh. You two are Electronics sample offers to get along. Then, skewer each steak and Affoddable it on the rotisserie over a charcoal fire. Pulled Pork Recipe. Want to make steak go further? bottom round roast. In addition, the bone of the beef shank contains a lot of marrow, which has proteins, fat, gelatin, and a lot of other components that hold a whole lot of flavor. Cheap cuts: How to get the most from meat

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